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2014 By Design Presentations

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Trading Places: Leaders On the Front Line
The spirit of community extends well beyond the walls of a CCRC and is spread through the daily actions of both staff and residents alike. In this panel discussion, experienced thought leaders in senior living will explore lessons learned through active participation with frontline staff focusing on servant leadership, mission and culture, customer service and staff loyalty.  Hear firsthand, through video testimony from leaders and community associates, how their interaction with seniors enhances their work life while encouraging them to deliver exemplary service. Learn the valuable guiding principles from leaders engaged with frontline associates who embody the mission and purpose of the organization.

A Look Inside The Small House: Are We There Yet?
After 15 years of evolution, how well is the small house working? This session will evaluate the operational advantages and disadvantages of various small house designs as they relate to staff efficiency and resident outcomes. By tapping into Minimum Data Set (MDS), gathering staff time data, analyzing the artifacts of culture change and field observations, this session will begin to uncover a deeper understanding of how various small house designs are working in comparison to each other and traditional models.

Living a Skilled Life: Adventures in Aging
“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” If there is no place like home, then why do we try to move our seniors into “almost home”? What would happen if we stopped thinking of
seniors as “them” and realize that they are “us” a few years from now? This session attempts to answer these questions through the experience of design professionals “aging forward” into their
eighties and living amongst residents in nursing homes across the country. The panel will share their triumphs and failures as they walk a mile (or 120 feet) in our seniors’ shoes. Get ready for
an informative and entertaining exposé as they share their observations and discoveries from the perspective of a resident.

Creating Home for All - Seniors and Beyond
What does the future hold for the aging, the intellectually and physically disabled adult population?  Life expectancy rates for adults with developmental disabilities are increasing, and their parents, who are aging rapidly, are unable to provide adequate care. Are there appropriate care models in place to support their needs? The speakers will provide a comprehensive overview of alternative housing, care, and treatments that may be necessary in order to accommodate a diverse population
of older adults with various disabilities.

Featured Speaker: Michael A. Gillette, Ph.D.

CSI - Creative Spaces Investigation
This session will feature an evidenced-based overview of various living environments across the United States that are providing unique care and services to engage and support seniors and their lifestyle. From the evolving dining experience, wellness venue, and household model revolution to the newest ideas in apartment living, this session will provide insights about what’s working to enrich the resident living experience in our communities today. Hear about the latest in improvements of existing communities,
as well as new, dynamic ideas that are meeting the ever-changing needs and desires of the seniors we serve.


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