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Virginia Western Community College Student Life Center

Roanoke, VA

SFCS has recently completed the design and construction of renovations and additions to the Student Life Center at VWCC. The project included adding a third floor to the existing building and a new three story expansion to the west facing fa├žade which can be seen as mostly glass as it faces the rest of the campus.  A “bridge” connects the south campus parking to the main circulation spine. The builiding offers students a “place-to-go” between classes or a “hang-out”, much like a 4-year University.  

The new Student Life Center contains the Hall Career Counseling Center, Campus Fitness Center, Student Services offices, REACH Division office serving students with special needs and learning disabilities, and student activity/club spaces.  Food concessions are also provided in a food court on the new third floor. Outdoor plazas and activity areas encircle the building.

This project is also designed and constructed to meet LEED Silver qualifications and incorporate sustainable design elements. 

Recent Recognition:

  • American School and University's 2015 Architectural Portfolio - Citation, Post-Secondary Category


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