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The Deupree Cottages for Nursing

Cincinnati, OH

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for their nursing residents, Deupree Retirement Community journeyed toward implementing a model of person-centered care for their new nursing care model. The collaborative effort of the administration, nursing staff, resident focus groups, and design team used a charrette process to test multiple options. Visual listening tools aided the group in developing and exploring options for each house that resulted in unique designs that are distinctive to this small urban retirement community. The unique quality of the Deupree Nursing Cottages is its' "small cottage" concept where the two- 12 bed houses are connected with a short, light filled corridor. The South Cottage exterior is designed in the Craftsman style and the North Cottage is designed as a Colonial. Each house has twelve private bedrooms and functions independently with its own commons area including a living room, kitchen, and dining room. Secured landscaped courtyard, and walking paths are shared by each cottage.

Recent Recognition:
AIA Design For Aging Review, Publication, 2013
DESIGN/Environments for Aging, Citation of Merit Award Recipient, Best in Show,  2010
DESIGN/Environments for Aging, Architectural Showcase, 2010



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