to all who attended our 39th Annual By Design Conference, Connecting the Dots: Aspirations to Outcomes! We hope you found the content relevant and actionable in your organizations moving forward. If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to let us know about your experience. Your feedback is invaluable when working to make By Design the best experience year after year.

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40th annual

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Untapped Potential:
Exploring New Horizons
Infinite Possibilities
Think Big, Dream Bigger

By Design
Origin Story

Inaugural Year: 1973

What do you get when you put architects, engineers, and interior designers in one room? The beginning of By Design.

SFCS began working on its third senior living project. What's the big deal, right? Well, this was a unique undertaking compared to any other project this firm had done before. In fact, it was a Life Plan Community, the first one in the country.

As demand for its senior living design services increased, SFCS closed it's offices for a two-day, on-site workshop to better serve it's clients and their needs. The firm understood that to be specialists in seniors design, its staff needed to be experts. During these workshops, SFCS enlisted the help of nationally-renowned gerontologists and other industry experts to help educate its staff on the aging process and the design sensitivities for seniors.

Including Clients: 1985

This in-house training program was so successful that it became an annual workshop. As SFCS's offices closed each year, clients became more curious about these intensive training sessions and asked to participate, and, as the years went by, more and more senior housing providers sought attendance. In 1985, SFCS Architects began their endeavor to inspire the future by hosting the first-ever By Design conference for leaders in senior living.

SFCS Architects continues to develop this popular annual conference to provide our staff and industry professionals the opportunity to hear and share the latest thinking and research in the field of senior living.

Continuing Education Credits Offered : 2005

Due to the growing interest, SFCS applied for and was accepted to begin offering NAB continuing education credits to senior living providers in 2005. We are proud to offer quality session content and takeaways for the advancement of knowledge ultimately benefitting the end user, your residents.

By Design Today: 2024

There has never been greater innovation and ingenuity in the senior living industry than there is today, with new potential to expand services and further enhance the lives of older adults.

We always strive to ensure the By Design experience encompasses the latest and greatest in technology, design, research findings and inspiration for you to take home and begin implementing.

Join us.

It's more than just architecture. By Design is about collaborating with the best senior living community leaders and joining in discussions about what's next.

Annual attendance gleans insight into upcoming and continuing trends in the industry, thought leadership presentations on how to overcome common roadblocks, and takeaways on how to grow a healthy and thriving life plan community.

All while enjoying engaging activities, fun networking opportunities, and great food and beverages.

By Design Experience Testimonials

"I have been to several By Design conferences. Each time, SFCS pushes the bar higher and higher with content and quality of speakers. From the opening speaker to the closing remarks, this most recent conference was top notch. It is the one conference each year I don't want to miss."

Kevin McLeod
President and CEO
Carolina Meadows

"More than I expected. Such a great group of people, genuine, welcoming, professional, personable. Enjoyed the sessions, focus on tech, downsizing or eliminating skilled from life care communities student innovations and some unique projects! Conference is great size for networking and collaboration but not so large that you feel disconnected. Just a great experience."

Dina Capek, RN, MSN
Director, health & Residential Services
Royal Oaks Lifecare Community

"This was truly a valuable experience as it provided current information on important topics and access to a wide variety of people from many backgrounds, businesses and communities."

Gary Handley
Falcon's Landing