A Quick Mental and Physical Wellness Tool Kit

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, life appeared in every sense normal, but it was not healthy; tensions, burnout, stress, and anxiety were significant issues in the workplace and society, according to Forbes1. 

For those in caretaker roles and/or in helping professions, caring for the most vulnerable population while keeping themselves and their loved ones healthy became a heavy burden. Worries increased around staying employed, having enough sick leave, obtaining personal protective equipment or PPE failing, and wondering if they are going to make it through the mandatory health screenings required to enter the workplace. Interpersonal relationships felt a new strain with protective equipment blocking much of the nonverbal facial expressions we use to communicate every day. Senses became isolated from the natural cues we utilize to interpret our physical environment, thus affecting how we relate to the world. These factors and more have impacted our emotional, mental, and physical wellness during this period of time.