Virginia Tech Torgersen Hall

SFCS partnered with Esocoff & Associates to provide full A/E services for Torgersen Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Located on the main ceremonial axis of the Virginia Tech campus, The building symbolizes Virginia Tech’s commitment to furthering innovative teaching, research and study methods in the new millennium. This high-tech facility consolidates elements of three major university endeavors: learning transformation projects, digital libraries, and technology and behavioral research programs.

The building offers such modern features as the electronic reading room, dedicated to electronic media and connected to the campus’ main library; multimedia labs with the latest in video and computer technology; and a room called the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment(CAVE) where human and computer interaction is closely studied and analyzed with a full immersion virtual environment.

Torgersen can electronically connect on- and off-campus students, faculty and researchers with K-12 classrooms and business and government leaders anywhere in the world, enhancing Blacksburg’s stature as one of the nation’s first electronic villages.


160,000 SF

Construction Cost:

$21.3 million


Master Planning, New Construction, Advanced

Communications and Information Technology Center


Esocoff & Associates


Architectural Precast Association Award